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Travel to Chile - White water rafting trips

Chile white water rafting

The fast rivers of Latin America offer some very exciting descents. Trips range from one day, giving a taste for the sport, to a full weeks rafting through virgin forests and uninhabited regions, with nights spent sleeping under the stars.

One of the most exciting and dramatic ways to explore the beauty of the Chilean Andes is by whitewater raft. In addition to it's magnificent scenery and delicious wines, Chile is world famous for it's whitewater rivers and hosts thousands of visitors each year who come to test themselves against it's world class whitewater.

Rio Maipo

The Rio Maipo is usually among the first stops for whitewater enthusiasts because of it's challenging class 3 and 4 whitewater and it's close proximity to Santiago.

Born high among the summits of the rugged Andes mountains, the Maipo begins as a trickle of melt water when the pure winter snows begin to succumb to the bright summer sun. The trickle soon becomes a torrent as it rushes in streams down through dozens of mountain canyons, finally to merge and form the main body of the river. At an elevation of 1.000 meters, the Maipo cuts through the canyons of Cascada de las Animas and drops over 18 meters per kilometer on it's rush to the sea. The many boulders which fill the narrow riverbed create a challenging obstacle course and it here that the most exciting rapids can be found. The Cascada de las Animas Nature Sanctuary straddles the roaring rapids where we launch our rafts for the 16 kilometer decent downriver to the town of San Jose de Maipo. Expect to end the trip very wet, and grinning ear to ear wishing that it lasted longer.

Bio Bio River

The BIO BIO in Chile is South America’s most celebrated white water run. Rapid torrents crash through lava-rock canyons, past rare Araucarian pine forests and smoking volcanoes. At first the gradient is gentle then, gradually, the drops become swifter and the rapids more dramatic. Lazy moments off the river find you soaking in hot springs, stretching out on soft beaches and marvelling at the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere.

Rio Futaleufu

Rio Futaleufu, Patagonia. Set amongst stunning views of steep snow capped peaks, and temperate rain forest the Futaleufu River is one of the most astounding rafting trips on the planet. Drifting slowly in silence... watching the clouds sweep along the sky past rugged walls, soon to give way to the distinctive rumble as the distant horizon line brings the first rapids. The raw untamed power of the Futaleufu makes it a river boater's paradise with the more difficult sections spread out amongst an uncountable number of runnable thrills and overwhelmed reflection. World class rapids like El Throno, Terminator and Casa de Piedra test everyone's skill and commitment....the speed and acceleration as the rafts melt down into the waves, between the steep lush walls....pristine power, humbling ecstasy.

The world's premier whitewater river boasts Caribbean colored water, grander rapids than the Colorado, scenery rivaling Alaska and no bugs.