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Chile Mountain Climbing

Mountain-biking requires a specialized bike with wider tires and deeper treads to allow the bike to grip onto off-road terrain. It allows you to take your bike into areas you could not go with a road-bike, and also can offer something of an adrenalin rush as you go up and down steep hills, across streams, etc.

The activity can be taken at a slow pace on easy routes, but typically it is practiced as a demanding sport at a fast pace and on rough terrain, and in some areas, requires you to take the bike and carry it across difficult parts. In such cases, it demands excellent physical condition.

On a mountain bike trip in Chile, you are immersed in the culture and beauty of Chile From Atacama to Patagonia and the lake district in between.

The country offers many ideal locations for participating in this activity. Starting in the North, the dry, rustic and inhospitable landscape of the desert predominates. The routes and paths present big challenges for the aficionados of this sport, who must contend with the hot sun, dehydration, the high diurnal temperatures and the extreme low ones during the night. 

The central zone, on the other hand, offers a more pleasant, temperate climate, and a huge number of places to travel between the coastal and the low mountain areas, both urban and rural. The best options are the national parks and reserves and the secondary roads that pass through the zone.

In the South, Austral and Magellan regions, the temperature is much lower and the climate can present surprises. There exists a great variety of trails and secondary roads within each of these regions. The Austral Road is an excellent route to take during the summer.

Unflagging pedaling. Up and down, maybe even a fall. Who cares? Keep on exploring those fascinating Santiago valleys that offer so many mountain bike circuits.

Exciting ascents and descents on two wheels, through beautiful Santiago valleys and mountains. That is what this sport offers. More than a sport, it is the path to exciting adventures.

Santiago offers a series of ideal pedaling routes, such as:

-Río Clarillo National Reserve

Whose beautiful trails are used by all those who appreciate trekking and cycling. It is 45 kilometers from Santiago, in the area of Pirque.

-Fundo Yerba Loca Nature Sanctuary

It presents clearly defined trails, surrounded by small, low forests and high mountains that host a great variety of birds. There are many routes, such as the one that leaves Villa Paulina for the mountains of La Paloma and El Altar, ideal for walkers and cyclists. It is located 25 kilometers from Santiago, on the road to Farallones.

-Aculeo Lagoon

Located 68 kilometers from Santiago, this beautiful area has around 40 kilometers of trail that is perfect for pedaling. 

In northern Patagonia you can ride the ‘huaso senderos’. This is an extensive network of trails and swinging bridges used by locals on horseback, oxcart and by foot.

These trails wind along the thundering turquoise Futaleufu river and its tributaries that flow from pristine lakes and

glaciers. They lead us back in time and into a simpler way of life, through native forests, nearby villages, and very rural ranches.

Another great network of bicycle trails can be found at Torres del Paine National park, although it may have many other visitors, it is still the end of the world.

Amid this breathtaking tableau, embark on a two-wheeled journey that takes us to spectacular vistas and past charming old-world villages. Then, catch your breath at lodgings wrapped in European ambience, Latin flair and genuine warmth and hospitality. This is biking in Chile - Enjoy !.