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Travel to Chile - kayaking trips

Sea Kayaking

Patagonia Chile sea kayak vacations allow you to visit a pristine spectacular world seldom seen by people. We invite you to come explore the best kept secret of Patagonia, a magical place where hundreds of glacial lakes are connected by thousands of kilometers of pristine rivers, all flowing through the dramatic Andean Mountain range to the majestic fjords of the southern Pacific Ocean. Sea kayaking trips run through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Patagonia. Tourist companies offer a wide selection of sea kayaking trips: across high glacier fed alpine lakes, river journeys through rarely explored canyons and spectacular wilderness areas, and explorations of the majestic costal fjords and isolated island archipelagos of Chilean Patagonia.

The amount of sea kayaking experience you have should determine the trip you select. There is a wide variety of beginner and intermediate trips to choose from as well as kayak schools for those looking to gain experience in the sport. For truly expert sea kayakers there are self-guided v trips. Chile Kayaking Trips run from December through April - Spring, Summer and Fall in Chilean Patagonia.

White water kayaking

Whitewater kayaking on the Futaleufu river in Patagonia Chile: Here, hidden at the confluence of the Río Azul with the Futaleufu river is a whitewater kayaker's dream that offers the inside track to all the paddling opportunities that make this remote river valley in southern Chile the most sought after whitewater kayaking destination in the world.

The Futaleufu river offers world class playing and river running. The Río Fuy offers the best of the steep paddling in Chile along with other rivers. There are exceptional rivers for learning and descending the entire Futaleufu drainage. It is all here - a mid-winter escape with more concentrated paddling than you will find anywhere in the world. You don't have to be a super star to enjoy this place, but if you are, you are going to be spoiled after paddling here.