Chile horseback riding tours - travel on horse trails throught the Andes of Chile

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Travel to Chile - horseback riding tours

Discover the wilderness and pure nature of the Chilean Andes off the beaten track. Refresh your spirits on a horse riding vacation.

You will see unspoilt nature and the legendary condors, you will meet traditional people, Gauchos on their horses and enjoy the contrasts of the Andes like colourful canyons and an incredible mountain scenery.

The many streams, hotsprings, waterfalls, lagoons and hidden passes of the high Andes and the remote Patagonia have not changed since the Spanish conquistadors rode across them almost 500 years ago. All the passes, landscapes, flora and fauna remain the same. Inhabited only by silent animals such as, big condors guanacos and pumas (mountain lion). The mountains are full of wild flowers and sparkling streams. Horseback riding is quite a bit less work than hiking and particularly appropriate for going long distances over rugged terrain. There is no other way than horseback riding to travel here and probably will never be. The guides for these trips are Arrieros and baqueanos (cowboys). As there are no roads or steady trails here, they have learned the routes from their fathers and grandfathers before them. It is worth learning Spanish to understand their tales around the campfire!

Some of the best rides in Chile are:

Riding the Patagonia - October to April - Explore Torres del Paine on horseback and venture deep into the park . While riding strong, spirited criollo horses, this ride will take us closer to Torres del Paine most celebrated places. An intimate look at the way of life, both old and new, in Patagonia.

Crossing the Andes - January & February

This might be the most amazing journey in the Andes; you can cross riding from Chile to Argentina through the enormous solitude of the remote mountains, on a fully self sufficient expedition.

Majada Vieja - October to March

Horseback riding in the central Andes is like living the odyssey of the Spanish conquistadors from almost 500 years ago. The rides use passes and landscapes where everything including the flora and fauna remain the same. Inhabited only by silent animals such as condors and pumas (mountain lion).

Corral de los Caballos - October to March

An incredible journey of 6 day to the Corral de los Caballos (Horse´stables). This ride takes us into the high Andean Cordillera on the Maipo River, 1 hour away from Santiago.

Horseback riding in Santiago - all year

Full day excursions to the Maipo valley

Forests & hotsprings - October to March

The Lake District offers a fascinating land where blue and emerald lakes, hotsprings, wild rivers, native forests and perfect cone volcanoes form a unique landscape perfect for a horseback ride.

Easter Island - all year

Easter Island is the most isolated place in all the planet. You can ride through the island and discover its forbidden secrets.