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Chile - What to Bring?

Believe it or not all you need to travel to Chile and Patagonia is a passport, some travellers checks and light backpack.


We resume our recommended Chile packing list in a few words "Less is More". The lighter you travel to Chile and the Patagonia ice fields the more you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about the weight of excess luggage.


In Chile and other South American countries there are many arts and craftwork that can be brought back home and it is always great to return with much souvenirs. So it is recommended to pack light and bring the basics as listed below:


  • ATM/ Debit card : In every major and most minor cities in Chile and South America, I've found ATM machines that accept my debit card. Arrange for a fee waiver before leaving and save receipts in case there are errors. 
  • Teva Sandals: Durable and comfortable boots, and hiking socks. Hiking boots are flexible and can be worn to a show and tough enough for walking through mud. Your feet will thank you when you wear the sandals. 
  • Money belt for important documents, passport, and money: It is best to use a waist belt. 
  • Camera: All types of film can be purchased in most major cities. 
  • Convertible pants : Light, fast drying, and the legs zip off to form shorts. 
  • Travel vest: has many pockets for money, passport, even a small camera. 
  • Fleece sweater and light rain jacket . 
  • Hat to block the sun: The equatorial sun is strong. Consider buying a straw hat when you arrive. It makes a great memory.
  • Towel or a Shammy: Shammies dry faster. 
  • Deodorant : When you can't shower, you can always roll on something! 
  • Headlamp: It's better than a flashlight because it frees up your hands. 
  • Extra pair of eye glasses, contact lenses and medications: Chilean pharmacies sell many of the most common medications without a prescription (including malaria pills). 
  • Miscellaneous: small pocket dictionary, journal, guide book, and a small backpack.


Try not to bring unneccessary gear, most of what you need can be rented locally including Scuba and climbing gear.