Travel to Chile weather information and climate patterns for Chile from North to South

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Travel to Chile weather information

Chile Weather pattern

Chile Weather pattern

The Southern Hemisphere the seasons and climate are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere. While the United States and Europe are experiencing winter, in Patagonia Chile it is summer. The Futaleufu valley lies in the rain-shadow transition zone between the wetter Pacific coastal area and the drier steppe of Argentina. 

It is known for its unique micro-climate enjoying some of the best weather of Patagonia. This region is significantly drier than Puerto Montt, Chaitén and Torres de Paine! Consult the tables below to determine the best time to kayak, raft, fly fish, trek, hike, horseback ride, mountain bike, or sea kayak.

When to visit Chile?

Since the seasons, climate and weather of the Southern Hemisphere are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere the following table will help you plan your trip:

Southern Hemisphere / Northern Hemisphere

November is equivalent to May. 

December is equivalent to June. 

January is equivalent to July. 

February is equivalent to August. 

March is equivalent to September. 

April is equivalent to October. 

Day-to-Day Climate Variations The Patagonia summer offers warm, sunny days and cool nights - not unlike the climate of British Columbia. Patagonia days are long, the sun rises at about 6:00 a.m. and sets near 10:00 p.m. Typically temperatures are in the 70s and 80s during the day, dropping to about 50 degrees at night. Higher elevations will be experience a slightly cooler climate, and frosts have been know to occur at night, even during the summer. November and December trips take place in the Patagonia Spring and April trips are in the Autumn. During these seasons daytime temperatures are usually in the 70s, and drop to the 40s and 50s at night

What is the best time to go?

Sports Activity / Patagonia Season 

Fly Fishing: November to May 

Sea Kayaking: November to April 

Horseback Riding: December to April 

Trekking / Hiking: November to April 

Whitewater Kayaking: December to April 

Whitewater Rafting: November to April 

Mountain Biking: November to May 

Canyoning: December to March 

Bird Watching: December to March 

Sight Seeing: October to May 

Photography: November to December and April 

Skiing and Snowboarding: June-September.