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Chile jeep trips

Chile jeep trips

Exciting excursions on 4 x 4 vehicles or challenging quad rides captivate the senses at the same time you can experience the joy of seeing and enjoying nature in its purest state from a different point of view.

In most cases, these excursions must be hired with expert guides fully devoted to the corresponding activity. Nevertheless, it is possible to go on some of these rides in an independent fashion if you have all the equipment necessary to develop each discipline in a conscientiously. 

The places visited while riding these kinds of vehicles are generally thick forests, rocky rivers or enormous dunes located very close to the shore.

Northern Chile

Roaring trucks swerve along winding roads. This is no easy task. The driver turns the steering wheel from side to side, gripping it strongly and skillfully, and trying not to lose control of the vehicle, not to go off the track. The driver can feel the vehicle shaking under him and the buffeting wind, and drives towards the barren, desolate, all-encompassing horizon.

The dry lands in Calama and Atacama are excellent for jeep rides. The desert, its dunes, salt mines and steamy geysers are some of the obstacles, challenges and difficulties to be overcome by modern 4WD "caravans" across northern Chile. 

With roaring engines breaking the silence of the dry lands, riding these powerful 4WD vehicles is an exciting way of seeing the desert. Besides, faraway places and seemingly inaccessible spots can be easily reached this way.


In Calama and San Pedro de Atacama, the following roads can be taken:


- Calama - San Pedro de Atacama - De la Luna Valley

- San Pedro de Atacama and surrounding area

- Salar de Atacama (salt mine)

- Calama - El Tatio - Calama


GPS equipment, a basic first-aid kit, radio equipment and a pulling rope should be carried on the trip.