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Chile Travel planner

Travel to Chile

Chile is a country of contrasts and a great beauty that offers the tourist security, wild conditions of nature and excellent services with which to enjoy a splendid vacation of adventure or pleasure.


The largest and narrowest country in the continent, with a length of 6.965 miles and an average width of only 285 miles, Chile is one of the economies with the greatest future in South America and has a long tradition of democratic government.


Chile is also a country of extremes, both as regards its geography and its climate: in the north we find the Atacama Desert, the most arid in the world and the home of ancestral indigenous cultures. The mediterranean landscapes of central Chile give life to Santiago the capital- which is surrounded by fertile wine-producing valleys and modern ski resorts.


Also 6.098 miles off the coast, Easter Island also called the navel of the world by its inhabitants- awaits visitors from abroad with its unique culture and archaeological patrimony.


Down south, lakes, wild rivers, volcanoes and native forests after a close contact with nature. The Chiloé Island, a paradise on earth, is the home of the authors of fantastic myths, a people who above all are known for their friendliness.


In the Patagonia, fjords and icefields receive those who are genuinely seeking new experiences and, in the Antartic, an increasingly larger number of frontier tourists are discovering the magic of life surrounded by eternal ice.


Because of the diversity of its landscapes and its abrupt geography, Chile is essentially a country in which to enjoy the many and varied facets of nature. Mountaineering, horseback riding and skiing in the Andes, archaeological explorations in the Atacama Desert, studying the flora and fauna throughout the country, scuba diving and beaches in the Pacific Ocean; trips through magnificent wine-producing valleys, rafting and kayaking in rivers and fjords, navigation between icebergs or excursions to the sites of ancient rituals on Easter Island are some of the activities that tourist can enjoy in this land.

Visit Chile. You will be surprised!


We have put together a travel guide for your Chile tour. All you need to know for Mountain Bike, hiking vacation, horseback riding, yoga, community travel and adventure travel in Chile.

We have included only local travel suppliers and companies that are based in Chile.

The purpose of our online guide is to put potential visitors of Chile in contact with the direct suppliers of travel in Chile. The advantages you get from booking direct with Chile tour operators, hotels, transportation and other service providers are:

  • You benefit the local economy, travel agents and wholesalers charge high commissions to and rise the price to cover there costs. By booking locally you reduce the price you pay for your tour and increase the earnings of the local supplier.
  • Better knowledge, you speak and get information from the person who is guiding the tours or at least from someone who is in Chile at the moment

  • Friendly service
  • Better opportunity to obtain availability on dificult dates (New Years, Christmas, Easter)
  • Local support, by booking locally you will have 24 hour support from your local tour operator.


The Travel to Chile directory is maintained by Chilean and resident editors who are in constant contact with local culture and people. Our reviews are based on more than a hotel inspection but from constant contact with local hotels, restaurants, tour operators and we can tell you who performs the best service time and again.

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